Dovetail was funded by Queensland Health in 2010 as a response to increased methamphetamine use across the state. Initially Dovetail was governed by a Consortium of 14 government and non-government agencies (13 based in Queensland alongside YSAS from Victoria) as a training, practice and workforce development unit to specifically support 10 services across Queensland who had simultaneously received funding to employ dedicated youth alcohol and drug workers. However due to the relatively small size of the youth AOD workforce in Queensland this focus was soon expanded to include any service that provided support to young people affected by substance use.

Within the Consortium, Metro North Mental Health - Alcohol and Drug Service was identified as the lead agent and auspice body for the project funding and continues to manage the project to today.  Initially established as a 3 year trial and officially launched in May 2010, Dovetail's funding was made recurrent in 2012 following an external review conducted by Fieldworx.

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