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Naloxone to be Made Available Over the Counter

Jan 28, 2016

In recent years, there have been increasing numbers of fatal opioid overdoses in Australia.  Naloxone (sold under the brand name "Narcan") is a drug that reverses the effects of opiate overdose, and the federal government have recently made a decision to allow naloxone to be provided without a prescription from a doctor.  This will mean there will be an expansion in peer-administered naloxone.  There has been increasing evidence that providing naloxone to people who might encounter an opiate overdose (such as friends and family members of people who use opioids) can reduce the chances of death.  The ABC's 7:30 Report has featured a story about naloxone, which includes interviews with Australian researchers and AOD practitioners about what this change will mean.  The change comes into effect from February 1st, and is likely to lead to an increase in peer administered naloxone in the community.

Click here to watch the ABC 7:30 Report Story on Naloxone

Click here to read the Therapeutic Goods Administration decision to re-schedule naloxone.

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