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Father holding daughter's hand on busy street

Child Protection Australia 2015-16

Mar 17, 2017

The annual Child Protection Australia report has been released for 2015-16 and includes information on state and territory child protection services, and characteristics of children receiving these services. The report contains some sobering statistics.  Nationally, 162 175 children and young people had an investigation, or were on some kind of child protection order.  In 2011 - 12 there were 7.6 children per 1000 on a child protection order, but by 2015-16 this number had risen to 9.6 children per 1000.  Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young people continued to be over-represented in the child protection system, with seven times as many Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young people having contact with the child protection system compared with non-Indigenous children.

To find out more, go to "Child Protection Australian 2015 - 16"

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