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Coloured syringes on a wooden surface

Queensland UniSharp 1ml Syringe Launch

Nov 30, 2017

Last year we blogged a story from the Anex Bulletin about the introduction of the Korean made 1ml Terumo syringes that have been causing problems for people who inject. Needle and Syringe Programs around the country began receiving complaints about the new syringes including blunt or weak needles and difficult-to-use plungers.  You can read about it here.

In response to this issue a new range of 1ml syringes have been released in Australia and the Queensland launch for the new Unisharp 1ml Syringe happened this week. Andrew Preston, Managing Director of Exchange Supplies has presented a one hour webinar for Insight Queensland explaining the history of the Unisharp coloured syringes and provides all the information needed for workers supporting clients who are injecting drug users.

You can watch it here.

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