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Non-Suicidal Self Injury Within LGBTI Communities

Sep 8, 2017

The LGBT Health Alliance Mindout project is hosting a webinar for workers on responding to nonsuicidal self-injury.  The webinar is being presented by Madeline Wishart from Youth Support and Advocacy Service (YSAS) in Melbourne.  Madeline has a special interest in nonsuicidal self-injury and was the Project Officer on the Managing Deliberate Self Harm Project. The webinar aims to help workers better understand the functions of nonsuicidal self-injury and how the behaviour differentiates from suicide. Madeline will also present her own research on the impact of sexual orientation on nonsuicidal self-injury.

The webinar will be held on Tuesday 26th September 2017 from 1pm to 2pm.

To register go here.

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