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Aerial view of a typical suburb in Australia

Australia's Annual Overdose Report 2018

Sep 7, 2018

The Penington Institute has published the “Australia’s Annual Overdose Report 2018”.  The report found that in 2016 there were a total of 2177 drug-related deaths in Australia.  This is a little under double the number of drug-related deaths which occurred in 2002 (1231 deaths).  The majority of the drug-related deaths in 2016 were considered accidental (1704). There were increases reported in regional areas, where the per capita rate of drug-related death was 8.1 per 100 000, compared with 6.6 per 100 000 in urban areas.  Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people were significantly over-represented with the accidental death rate being 20.7 per 100 000, compared with 6.4 per 100 000 for non-Indigenous people.

Find out more and order a copy of the “Australia’s Annual Overdose Report 2018” here.


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