Opioid Check Toolkit

Sep 28, 2018

This week the team at Insight have launched their new "Opioid Check" brief intervention resource. Workers can use "Opioid Check" to assess someone’s opioid use and provide structured feedback and options. The toolkit also features an eLearning module, clinical guidelines, withdrawal management tools, along with a number of different videos on the topic of opioids.  This includes videos by Dr Jeremy Hayllar, along with a recent webinar by Dan Phillips titled "Opioids: Scaling up the analgesic ladder wrong by wrong". The webinar details the history of opioid use and explores what is occurring currently in the U.S.A. and closer to home in Australia and Queensland. For everything you need to know about working with people using opioids check out the Opioid Check Toolkit.

Go to "Opioid Check" to find out more



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