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Youth Justice Strategy

Youth Justice Strategy Action Plan 2019-2021

Aug 16, 2019

The Queensland Government has released the Youth Justice Strategy Action Plan 2019-2021 “the Action Plan,” which outlines the practical actions being taken across the whole of government to implement Queensland’s first ever Youth Justice Strategy, released in 2018. The Action Plan was developed in consultation with Queensland Government agencies and the Youth Justice Strategy Reference Group, comprising community leaders, industry representatives and criminal justice experts.

Initiatives and actions reflect the four pillars outlined in Youth Justice Strategy : Intervene early, Keep children out of court, Keep children out of custody, and Reduce re-offending. The Action Plan highlights three other areas of significant work, which are important to reforming the youth justice system:

  • working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families and communities to address their children’s disproportionate representation in the criminal justice system;
  • responding to the different needs of girls and young women; and
  • strengthening infrastructure and providing safe detention and watchhouse environments.

Read the Youth Justice Strategy Action Plan.


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