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How Trauma Lodges in The Body: A Podcast with Bessel Van Der Kolk

Feb 15, 2019

The "On Being" podcast hosted by Krista Tippett caught up with Bessel Van Der Kolk back in 2017, and we think it's worth revising.  In the podcast, Bessel discussed his work in the trauma field and how trauma lodges in the body. Bessel talks about how he ended up working in the space of trauma and explores how to work effectively with clients who have had traumatic experiences, particularly at the hands of their caregivers. Bessel highlights the social context in which the trauma occurs is crucial. Bessel makes the links between those who have experienced trauma and why they might go on to use substances.

Bessel discusses how trauma lodges in the body and how interventions are useful when we target working with the body such as yoga, through increasing heart rate variability, rolfing (deep tissue work) and other body techniques such as Feldenkrais method and craniosacral therapy.

To listen to the full podcast: “How Trauma Lodges in The Body” click here.

And if you are interested in learning more about trauma and want to catch Bessel in real life, he will be holding a two-day workshop on 1 and 2 April, 2019 in Brisbane. To find out more or register click here.

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