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Insight’s Brief Intervention Toolkit

Jan 25, 2019

Insight has launched a “Brief Intervention Toolkit” which contains the new Ultra Brief Intervention Checks. The Ultra Brief Intervention Checks comprise five visually engaging, A3 colour exercise sheets, that can be used by a worker to structure a 20-30 minute intervention with someone who identifies as using alcohol, cannabis, opioids, benzodiazepines, and/or methamphetamine.  The Checks are free to download and use, and lists the national 24/7 alcohol and drug hotline so that they can be used anywhere in Australia.  A hard copy tear-off pad containing 25 sheets is available free of charge for Queensland-based workers.

The Brief Intervention Toolkit also contains common AOD assessment tools and worksheets and a video called “The Long and Short of Brief Interventions” by Jeff Buckley, explaining how to conduct Brief Interventions using Brief Motivational Interviewing techniques.

Watch “The Long and Short of Brief Interventions” video.

Go to the “Brief Intervention Toolkit” to download and order copies of the Ultra Brief Checks. 

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