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Global Drug Survey

Corona Conversations from Global Drug Survey

Apr 17, 2020

Professor Adam Winstock - one of the people behind the Global Drug Survey - has commenced a series of interviews with AOD professionals around the impact of coronavirus on the alcohol and other drug treatment system. Titled “Corona Conversations from the Global Drug Survey” each episode features an expert from a different country, talking about the wide ranging impacts of the coronavirus. A recent episode features Professor Alison Ritter, Director of the University of New South Wales Drug Policy Modelling Program (DPMP). Professor Ritter talks about some of the early impacts of coronavirus including positive impacts such as increasing access to take away doses of pharmacotherapy like methadone and buprenorphine, and increasing access to treatment through more innovative means like online counselling services. Professor Ritter also talks about some of the downsides, including early indications of increases in alcohol consumption and some of the potential impacts a recession might have on rates of substance use in the community.

Watch Corona Conversations with Professor Adam Winstock and Professor Alison Ritter (28min 34sec)

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