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The Volteface Podcast #19 – Harm Reduction with Kira Weir

Feb 21, 2020

Volteface is a not for profit advocacy organisation in the UK who aim to reduce the harms of drugs through evidence-based policy and reform.  Among other things, they deliver a podcast series “The Volteface Podcast”. Their latest edition (#19) is titled “Harm Reduction with Kira Weir”.

Kira is the Training and Communications Officer at one of the oldest harm reduction services in Scotland, "Crew".  She is also a volunteer at "The Loop" UK, a not for profit organisation who provide drug checking, welfare and harm reduction services at festivals, nightclubs and other events. She sits down with Volteface Director Paul North to talk about harm reduction and keeping people safe.

Although the conversation centres around experiences in the UK, the discussions are relevant to circumstances we may also see in Australia.

The podcast can be accessed here.

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