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Insight Seminar Series: Semester 2 Calendar out now

Jul 10, 2020

Insight has just released the semester 2 webinar calendar, developed in conjunction with APSAD. The calendar is bursting with 18 webinars covering interesting topics like: “Designer Benzodiazepines in Queensland: What’s in Fake Xanax”, “New Psychoactive Substance on the Queensland Drug Market”, “Through a shot glass darkly: Understanding youth substance use through targeted assessment”, “Empowering Strong Families and Trauma Informed Care”, “GHB and its use as a Recreational Substance” and “Cannabis Related Deaths In Australia”... just to name a few!

The webinars are conducted on Zoom every Wednesday (starting 15th July) from 10am to 11am (AEST). 

To find out more, and for details on how to log in, go to the Insight website.

If you can’t make it along on the day, webinars are recorded and are available afterwards here.

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