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A close up image of Psilocybe subaeregnosa

Fungimentary: The magic mushrooms of Balingup

May 22, 2020

Back in 1995, an Australian film-maker produced an independent documentary titled “Fungimentary: The magic mushrooms of Balingup.” Balingup is a small town in Western Australia, which was at the time, one of the only known places on the west coast of Australia that had magic mushrooms appear in the winter months. The Psilocybe subaeruginosa species are native to Australia and New Zealand, however they require very specific climatic conditions (cold and wet) in order to grow. This classic documentary tells the story of the conflict between local residents and the mushroom pickers, who descend every year on the tiny rural town. The documentary also shows some of the deadly species of mushrooms which are nearly identical to the desired Psilocybe subaeruginosa, and can be found growing right alongside. Pease note: this documentary contains adult themes, and is not suitable for young people.

Watch “Fungimentary: The magic mushrooms of Balingup” (48 minutes)

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