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Psychwire Resources: Motivational Interviewing

Nov 27, 2020

We recently came across a bunch of online resources explaining the basics of motivational interviewing, a core technique in alcohol and other drug counselling. The Psychwire website resources include short videos and interviews with some of the original pioneers of the technique -  William Miller and Stephen Rollnick. Motivational interviewing can simply be described as a collaborative conversation designed to strengthen someone’s desire to make changes and is the opposite of a lecture or giving advice. 

The short videos cover: “What is Motivational Interviewing”, “Four Processes of MI”, “The righting reflex” as well as topics of Change Talk, OARS and the uses of MI.  These videos might be a great introduction to the concept of motivational interviewing, or a refresher for those who have previously done training in this area. 

Go to the Psychwire Motivational Interviewing resources

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