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ReachOut Breathe App

Oct 8, 2020

ReachOut has an app to support people to measure their breathing in order to reduce stress and anxiety, which we think could be useful to share with young people in your practice. The app works by measuring your heart rate on the camera on your phone, then goes through a breathing exercise where you press the screen to inhale, and release to exhale. After a period of three minutes, you then measure your heart rate. Focussing on the breath often decreases the heart rate and stress held in the body. This app might be useful to share with young people who have difficulty doing breathing exercises without prompts. Being aware of the breath can bring us back into the current moment, is a great grounding exercise and a skill to develop with your clients.  Slowing the heart rate can increase feelings of calmness in the body and might be an activity for young people to try to delay substance use, or manage cravings. 

Go to the ReachOut website to read more about the app and link for download.

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