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Global Drug Survey 2021: Summary results out now

Dec 10, 2021

The Global Drug Survey is the biggest survey of people who use drugs in the world. The 2021 study had lower numbers than usual, most likely due to covid-19. Still, more than 32 000 people completed the survey. While it may not be a representative sample, the Global Drug Survey does give a good indication of drug use practices, and can highlight issues that other smaller surveys are not able to identify. The 2021 executive summary has been released and includes some fascinating findings. Around 42% of people who use cannabis reported changing practices due to covid-19, with the most common change being less likely to share joint / vape / pipe / bong due to concerns about covid-19 transmission. People reported getting drug less often during covid-19 times, and there was a pattern of reduced hospital presentations as well.

Download the Global Drug Survey 2021 Executive Summary (114kb PDF)

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