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Resource: The Caffeine Informer website

Dec 17, 2021

Caffeine is a popular stimulant used by many to kick start their day. When used in moderation caffeine can have positive benefits. However, when used regularly in large quantities, people can experience unpleasant side effects including increased feelings of anxiety and insomnia. We know young people can be big consumers of caffeine, especially in soft drinks, food products like chocolate and increasingly in novel forms like caffeinated chewing gum. The “Caffeine Informer” website is a great practice resource to help educate young people on safer caffeine consumption. The website includes search functions that let you explore different products, find out their caffeine levels, and also compare caffeine levels within product types (e.g. energy drinks). The “Caffeine Calculator” calculates the maximum amount that should be consumed of any caffeinated drink based on an individual’s body weight, and the “Coffee Calculator” calculates the optimal amount of coffee you should drink based on body weight.

Go to Caffeine Informer website.

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