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Childhood Trauma and The Brain: Video by UK Trauma Council

Jan 29, 2021

The UK Trauma Council released a video last year titled, “Childhood Trauma and the Brain”. The 5 minute video goes through how early childhood relationships and brain development can lead to children having difficulties in social situations and meeting developmental milestones.

The video goes through the systems within the brain that are impacted by early childhood trauma (in some cases it can be as simple as children not having their needs met) - the reward, memory and threat systems. Many of these systems may have implications on how someone reacts or responds in day-today interactions, and some examples are outlined.  Finally, there are some suggestions about how we can respond differently including the way we respond to behaviours as well as supporting people to build trusting relationships in  their worlds.  The final message is of hope and that we can support young people to recover and adapt in new ways. 

Watch “Childhood Trauma and the Brain” (5 minutes) video by UK Trauma Council.

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