Vaping Resources

Jun 11, 2021

Dovetail’s number one call at the moment is about vaping. There is still a lot we don’t know about the long-term health consequences associated with using vaping products. People who are dependent on nicotine from smoking cigarettes could experience less harm from vaping nicotine. On the other hand, young people who aren’t nicotine dependent, could become dependent from vaping. Also, it’s clear that despite current regulations, there is a significant and growing illegal market for nicotine vaping products being sold “under the counter” at retail outlets throughout Queensland.

We have been busy trying to source some factual resources based on the latest evidence for workers to refer to. Some of what we have found is listed below.  We will continue to search for good information on this topic and will share it as we find it. 

Information for young people 

  • Don’t Get Sucked In  -  provides information and a short quiz developed for young people (this is an NZ site so not all information is relevant to QLD)

Information for workers


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