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Free - “Screening for Problem Gambling” workshops for workers

Aug 19, 2022

Lives Lived Well (LLW) is a non-government organisation that provides support for people in Queensland and New South Wales who are being impacted by alcohol or drugs or problems with mental health. Research shows that problem gambling can be a significant factor impacting these population groups.  To address the impact of problem gambling, LLW have been funded to provide workshops to frontline staff across Australia. The workshops aim to educate workers on how to use the Problem Gambling Severity Index (PGSI) as a screening tool and will also provide information on brief interventions and referral options that can be used to support clients who are experiencing problem gambling behaviours. There are a wide variety of ways for workers to engage in this free training including: online, face to face, via webinar session or via a self-paced online course.

To find out more go to the Lives Lived Well website.

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