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"KidsQuit" Smoking Cessation Brief Interventions with new module on Vaping

Jul 29, 2022

The KidsQuit program is an interactive and educational tool that was designed to provide professionals with simple strategies for advising adolescents, parents and carers with smoking cessation advice and strategies. KidsQuit was developed by The Children’s Hospital at Westmead (CHW) Departments of Adolescents and Respiratory Medicine, Kids Health, Pharmacy and the Education Centre in New South Wales.. 

This free online learning program is now available through the Kids Health website to all professionals working with parents or young people who smoke. The 8 modules available are: 1) Smoking prevalence and health effects; 2) Brief interventions: The 5A’s of smoking cessation; 3) Adolescents and smoking; 4) NRT and pharmacotherapy; 5) Mental health and smoking; 6) Young Aboriginal people and smoking; 7) Pregnancy and smoking; 8) Vaping and Young People. Modules 1 - 7 have recently been updated and module 8 on vaping is brand new.

Go to the New South Wales “Kids Quit” online learning package

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