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New Dovetail resource! Effective Responses to Vaping in Schools

Nov 11, 2022

With ongoing concern about young people vaping, Dovetail has created a one page resource titled “Effective responses to vaping in schools”. With more than 30 years worth of research into effective school AOD responses, we need to apply the evidence and not forget what we already know. Poorly planned responses are not just ineffective - they can backfire and increase substance use, risk and harm. The use of scare tactics and exaggerating risk damages credibility and makes it less likely that young people will trust anything we say. Overly punitive responses can lead to school disengagement - one of the strongest risk factors for developing a later substance use disorder or mental health problem. Instead, a whole of school response that involves the whole school community and uses evidence-based AOD education strategies is most likely to have a positive impact.

This resource is intended to sit alongside our “Alcohol and Other Drugs in Schools” guide that goes into detail about how to audit your school’s current approach, and plan to move towards the whole of school approach. You can find a copy of this resource in the "Tools and Resources" section of our "Alcohol and Other Drugs in Schools" page.

Download a copy of “Effective Responses to Vaping in Schools” here  

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