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Australia’s Annual Overdose Report 2022

Sep 2, 2022

The Penington Institute “Australia’s Annual Overdose Report 2022” has been released, coinciding with International Overdose Awareness Day. The report includes data from 2020, which marked the seventh consecutive year that overdose deaths exceeded the annual road toll. There were 2200 fatal overdoses in 2020, with 75% of these considered to be accidental. This equates to one person dying from an overdose every four hours. The total number of overdoses involving stimulants has continued to increase, with almost a quarter of deaths (526) in 2020 relating to psychostimulants. This compares with only 53 psychostimulant overdose deaths in 2001.

Go to the Penington Institute website to download a copy of “Australia’s Annual Overdose Report 2022”

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