Unpacking vaping in schools

Sep 16, 2022

The New South Wales branch of the Australian Medical Association have published the results of a small study titled “Unpacking vaping in Schools”. The study helps to shed light on high school students’, teachers’ and parents’ knowledge, attitudes and experiences of vaping.  The study also helps to determine what vaping information is important to young people, and how to effectively communicate vaping prevention messages. 

The study found young people are aware and able to communicate possible harmful impacts of vaping but are less concerned about long term impacts that don’t affect them now. They were also able to articulate strategies they felt would be helpful including the need for peer led responses from older students and the need for vaping education to come from a reputable source and be truthful. The study backs up much of what we already know from research on other alcohol and drug use and school based responses.

 Go to “Unpacking vaping in Schools”. 

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