What is “hangxiety”?

Apr 7, 2023

The Alcohol and Drug Foundation have recently posted an article titled “What is hangxiety?” Lots of people report that after a night drinking, they wake up feeling anxious. Anxiety is a common symptom of a hangover but perhaps not as well recognised as other hangover symptoms like headache or nausea. “Hangxiety” describes this post-alcohol anxious state. But what causes hangxiety?  Alcohol works on GABA receptors. When these receptors are active by alcohol, people feel relaxed and at ease. As people drink more, levels of glutamate reduce which increases the calm feelings.  However, once the alcohol wears off, the GABA receptors have reduced functioning, and glutamate levels rise again -  causing anxiety. Hangxiety is sometimes a reason that people choose to reduce or change their alcohol consumption.

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