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Six colourful disposable vapes

New Dovetail practice tool! “Vape Check” launching today!

Feb 17, 2023

Vape Check is a NEW tool to help workers conduct single session brief interventions with young people who regularly use unregulated vapes, that is, vapes which contain nicotine but have not been purchased with a prescription.  The tool comes with an accompanying guide to support workers in the implementation of the intervention. 

Vape Check was developed by Dovetail in consultation with workers from the Queensland youth alcohol and other drug sector and further refined by over sixty-five other professionals in relevant fields. However, to make sure we’ve got it right, we’re conducting further evaluation of the tool. We’d love to hear what you think so we encourage you to take part in our surveys which you’ll have access to once Vape Check is downloaded (as always, participation is completely voluntary).

Vape Check is an editable PDF so you can complete the tool with a young person on a device or you can print it.  

Download Vape Check and the accompanying guide here

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