Interactive Drug Wheel Tool

Jan 27, 2023

Drug classification has become more complex with the increasing number of new psychoactive substances in circulation. We've promoted The Drugs Wheel before, but we think it's worth revisiting. The Drugs Wheel was developed to improve the classification of existing substances and to help people understand and categorise the landscape of new psychoactive drugs. The Alcohol and Drug Foundation (ADF) have published an interactive version of the original Drug Wheel to help workers understand drug classification in an interesting and engaging way. The outer ring of the Drug Wheel displays the seven drug categories and their effects. The middle ring looks at traditional, or more commonly known substances and the inner ring describes newer psychoactive substances. It is worth noting that with the ever expanding and changing new psychoactive drugs on the market, the inner ring may not always represent the current drugs in circulation in Australia.

Click here to go to the ADF Drug Facts page - then click the "Drug Wheel" tab at the top of the page to view the Interactive Drug Wheel 

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