A Retailer's Response to Inhalants

A Retailer's Response to Inhalants is a kit created by Dovetail to support retailers to manage access to inhalants.

These resources have been developed to help retailers, shopkeepers, sales attendants and contractors to better manage and control products which can be intentionally inhaled and misused.

Limiting the availability of inhalable products is proven to reduce their rates of use, and forms one part of a broader community strategy adopted by health workers, youth workers, schools, police, retailers, manufacturers and government to reduce harms associated with substance misuse.

Businesses who play their part in this response can also save money and stock, provide a safer workplace and build their reputation as a responsible retailer.

To order a copy of the retailers kit, email info@dovetail.org.au

Resources for Retailers


The following videos contain information explaining why it is important to restrict the supply of inhalable products as well as practical tips on how to do this in your store or worksite.

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